Dorobo Fund

Special Projects



Improving people's lives and the places they live.


Our vision for special projects:

  • Support the Olasiti Women’s Group, which helps vulnerable women access health care they need and earn a stable income to support their families.

  • Provide core funding to organizations to help pay for the things that most funders don’t like to pay like salaries, fuel for a vehicle, or budgetary shortfalls.

  • Provide emergency funding for advocacy initiatives or other unplanned initiatives that need immediate attention.


Olasiti Women’s Group

Olasiti Women’s Group serves vulnerable women in the Olasiti community where Dorobo Fund is located. Its aim is to improve livelihoods of vulnerable women through social and economic empowerment.  By providing access to family planning services, a small community managed loan program and opportunities for economic growth, we hope to create positive change in their lives and in the community.

“It’s been wonderful to watch the women in the community come together to support each other. Whether it’s through our successful loan program or accessing family planning and contraceptives through community seminars we are helping women who would have no help otherwise.” -Immaculata, Program Manager of Olasiti Women’s Group