Dorobo Fund

Cultural Dignity and livelihoods


Enhance and support

the livelihoods of hunter-gatherer and pastoral societies by providing products and services related to health, education, and cultural tourism.




Our vision for the future:

1. A sustainable and healthy local population where individuals are empowered to make choices regarding their reproductive health and have access to necessary services.

  • Provide leading organizations working directly with communities on development and rights issues with training on reproductive health issues
  • Ensure reproductive health is integrated across all Dorobo Fund-funded projects
  • Support educated and skilled leaders who will advocate on behalf of their communities to bring about positive changes that promote equality and justice

2. Sponsor and mentor a highly-select group of students from marginalized communities.

3. Cultural Tourism is structured, transparent and the benefits are equitably divided.

  • Create an alliance of tour partners/operators and with full local participation; evaluate existing practices such as fees and revenue distribution and consult on their fair distribution

Donate to ensure survival of these vibrant cultures.