Dorobo Fund

Conservation and Land Rights


Protect special places for use today and the future.

Help local communities create, manage and protect special places for use today and the future. Support projects related to local land use, conservation, and environmental protection.


Our vision for the future

Land Rights for hunter-gatherers and pastoralists – where people and wildlife thrive:

  • Secure land rights for the Hadzabe, Akie, Maasai, and Datoga and support natural resource management efforts

  • Support, expand, and protect the Simanjiro Easement

  • Establish community-owned and led conservation and grazing areas in key locations near Tarangire National Park

  • Advocate at a national level for sound and supportive policies that promote community based conservation

A vital and thriving coral reef and marine conservation area, Maziwe Island, that benefits the local economy and supports a diverse marine ecosystem:

  • Ensure surrounding community effectively manages and benefits from marine park

  • Support research that helps with awareness, advocacy, and strategic decision making

  • Support ongoing patrol and enforcement efforts of the park that ensure conservation efforts continue


Donate to protect these vital places for generations to come.