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Dorobo Fund's 20th Anniversary Trip - October 2018

This year, the Dorobo Fund is celebrating 20 years.  As part of this commemoration, we want to give those of you who have – and who continue to make this vital work a reality – the opportunity to connect in person to the places, people and work you support in Tanzania. We’re offering an exclusive, hands-on experience in October 2018, accompanied by Dorobo Fund directors and we want you to join us.

This 13-day itinerary offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to see the positive impact you’ve helped create in Tanzania. Walk alongside hunter-gatherers and pastoralists on the land you’ve helped them conserve and protect, talk with leading land rights and social justice activists making a difference in their communities, and witness the vital migration routes and breeding grounds you’ve helped to secure for thousands of wildlife.

This itinerary includes walking excursions amongst the giant baobabs of Tarangire National Park, and early morning hunt with the Hadza, and diving in the vibrant Maziwe Marine Reserve – just to name a few things. You will spend your evenings around the campfire with local experts who’ve committed their lives to protecting Tanzania’s people, wildlife, and landscapes. You can also tailor your safari experience by organizing pre or post-trip add-ons to places like Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti for those who wish. 

Dorobo Safari's Mobile Camps

Our camping style is not luxury, but it is comfortable. Our mobile camps are by necessity more basic and few, if any, other companies in Tanzania are able to break camp in the morning and have the camp set up again and waiting at a new location when one walks in for lunch! This allows us to be very flexible in where we go, it allows for great car-assisted walking opportunities and also aligns with our philosophy of minimal impact. When we leave a camp, we try to leave nothing but a cold fire place to mark our passing. 

Kailey Gramberg