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Dorobo Fund Strategy 2017


Hadzabe Cultural Mapping Project

The Hadzabe community of the Yaida Valley requested UCRT to assist them to undertake a cultural mapping project.  More than 200 Hadzabe, young and old, men and women, participated in this exercise, which helped illustrate the Hadzabe's deep connection between their land and their culture.  Read more here


Simanjiro Conservation Easement

Critical grazing areas for wildlife are quickly disappearing and the health for Tarangire National Park and the Maasai Steppe is under threat.  Download the pamphlet here. Read Fred Nelson's “Making Wildlife Pay in Northern Tanzania” from Ecosystems Marketplace.


Linking Travelers' Philanthropy back to the Land

Linking Travelers' Philanthropy to ecosystem conservation, community partnerships, and local empowerment: Experiences of Dorobo Safaris and the Dorobo Fund for Tanzania. Read more of the presentation paper here.


Pastoralist Women's Council: Empowerment for Tanzania's Maasai

IIED report by Maanda Ngoitko.  August, 2008.  Download report here.



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