Achieving our vision.

In Tanzania the Dorobo Fund supports our vision for a sustainable future by:

  • helping indigenous and local communities to secure rights to their land and natural resources
  • facilitating sustainable resource management by communities directly dependent on land resources 
  • promoting livelihood options that respect culture and environment
  • engaging villages in the issues of limits – population growth and consumption
  • funding education for disadvantaged and minority groups – future leaders of the community
  • supporting women in education and their rights to be a part of the political and economic process
  • funding various individual programs that relate to all of the above or respond to a specific need
  • promoting wilderness as an economic option for communities but also for its inherent value

The Dorobo Fund for Tanzania is the funding mechanism for supporting these initiatives.  In Tanzania, this work is carried out by The Ujamaa Community Resource Trust  (UCRT )