Olasiti Center Project


The mission of Olasiti Center Project is to foster education, youth leadership, and provide a safe, supportive community, so at-risk orphans can become self-reliant, strong members of their villages. After-school programming includes school tutoring, mentoring, environmental studies and organic farming, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention clinics, art club, birding club, and a pre-school. Income-generating projects include art and handicrafts sales, pig rearing, and farming. Additional community spin off programs include a woman’s organic gardening project, an AIDS support group and a community center.  

Recently land was purchased to build a permanent home for the center, to include a residential facility, kitchen and classroom. Initial funding to establish the program in 2005 came from a group of Dorobo safari travelers inspired by the vision, passion and commitment of Zenana Gasper Mwacha, the current program director. In 2008 "Friends of Tanzanian Orphans" also helped forty-six students with school fees for secondary or vocational school. To contribute to the continued growth and success of the orphan center, or for more about how you can help visit: www.tanzanianorphans.org.