UCRT believes that education is an essential key to empowerment. In order for communities to attain their goals of sustainable and equitable resource management, it is clear that they need members who are able to lead, advocate, and bridge the gap between indigenous values and needs and powerful outside forces. The Dorobo Fund supports between 50 and 70 individuals in any given year who are selected by their communities for further education.

In 2000, the Emusoi Girls Center—a school that caters to educating girls from indigenous communities—contacted UCRT to request assistance in locating four Akie girls who were eligible for free secondary education.  To UCRT’s amazement, they could not locate one Akie girl who was qualified, as none had completed or were currently enrolled in Primary School.  This finding led to their support of 45 Akie children to attend Primary School, with hopes that they would continue to Secondary. 

Since 2000, UCRT has sponsored more than 40 Hadzabe students secondary school and university education.  The students are selected by the communities only.

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