Advocacy and Governance

UCRT is committed to catalyzing positive change in people’s lives and their surrounding environment.  By empowering local communities to improve their livelihoods through sustainable resource management, UCRT is helping protect unique and diverse Northern Tanzanian ecosystems.  UCRT’s approach thereby addresses the fundamental interconnections between adaptively improving indigenous knowledge and practices, strengthening rural economies and conserving biological diversity.

Understanding policy and rights is an essential step in empowering a community to make the changes necessary to protect their land and their livelihoods.   UCRT places on emphasis on community capacity building with the idea that training community leaders and other members about current policies, government systems and human rights, will effectively equip them to fight for what is theirs.  UCRT also feels that only strong and just governance systems will be effective in building sustainable communities and healthy ecosystems.  Therefore, UCRT also trains community political officials in good governance pratices.